Service & Maintenance

Existing systems | Lighting upgrades | LED conversions | Repairs

Outdoor lighting systems require periodic maintenance. As time goes by, bulbs will fail, fixtures will shift, wires unearth, and some of the fragile components wear down. We offer flexible service plans to keep your lighting looking good every night of the year.

Existing Lighting System Maintenance

if you have a system previously installed by another company, we can diagnose and make any repairs or upgrades necessary. A full replacement of the system may not be needed. Often we find your lights can be brought back to life with minor replacements, and by adjusting the layout to accommodate for the maturing landscaping they highlight.

Relamps | LED Retrofits

In recent years LED lighting has become more affordable, which is great because it does cut down on bulb replacement costs, and energy consumption over time. We can retrofit most older systems to facilitate modern LED technologies.

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