Lighting Maintenance Plans

 Enjoy worry-free, regular service to your outdoor lighting system with our new maintenance plans. 


  • Check all fixtures and replace LED lamps as needed
  • Retrofit existing halogen bulbs to LED (additional, see below)
  • Clean all fixtures/ lenses
  • Adjust/ Realign fixtures that may have shifted
  • Trim landscape around fixtures as needed
  • Fix any cut or damaged line
  • Bury any exposed line
  • Adjust timers and change backup batteries
  • Inspect transformers and adjust voltage as needed


  • Bi-annual:  $150 per visit / 0-20 fixtures  ($8 per each additional fixture).
  • Quarterly:  $125 per visit / 0-20 fixtures  ($7 per each additional fixture).
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You're Covered

When you enroll in either a bi-annual or quarterly maintenance plan, any service issues that arise between scheduled visits are covered and cost you nothing. This includes bulbs going out, timer issues, cut lines, fixture misalignment etc. (Damage from lightning strikes, flooding, other acts of nature excluded)

LED Upgrades

Customers with halogen bulb systems can be converted to LED at an additional cost. We can slowly implement over time as your halogens go out or do it all at once. Either way, if you’re enrolled in a maintenance plan, you get LED replacements at our wholesale price. Contact us for current rates.